Tips for setting up Montessori kindergarten at your home

Setting up a Montessori kindergarten just in your home can be quite challenging. There are lots of factors that you need to consider first if you wanted to provide Montessori-oriented activities for your little kid. Here are some tips from babiescasa that you should always keep in mind.

Educate yourself with the Montessori
There are lots of Maria Montessori books that you can purchase around so make sure that you can educate yourself before setting up your classroom for your child. There are also eBooks that you can purchase online and study for the preparation.montessori school benefits

Provide child-sized tables and desk
At the just kindergarten level, it is important that as much as possible, everything that you would provide is fit for a small child.

Gather all materials
You should also decorate your classroom by gathering the materials that you need to start your Montessori kindergarten in Malaysia. There are lots of Montessori materials that you could purchase online, and you can even make your materials if you are a bit artsy.

Categorize your materials
Everything should be put under a category. All the materials from practical life, language, cultural, math and sensorial must be separated from one another and make sure that there are corresponding columns or shelves for each and every category.

Make your classroom attractive
To get the attention of the child, you have to make sure that your classroom is attractive enough that they would think they would be montessori classroom having fun learning inside your classroom. You can decorate it in your style, or you can just search for Montessori-inspired decorations on the internet so that you will have a guide in decorating your Montessori kindergarten.

Provide enough space
Make sure that the space that you pick is big enough for a few shelves and tables. Children will want to keep moving around so providing enough space is recommended for those who wanted to set up a Montessori kindergarten in the comfort of your home. You should also keep away the things that will distract them from their learning such as computers, toys and other gadgets that will not be used as part of their lesson.

Keep it simple
As much as possible, do not over decorate. Just paint the walls with neutral colors instead of bright ones and do not hand a lot of pictures on the wall unless that is an artwork made by the child or anything that will provide visual interest for the children while learning.

A Montessori classroom must always be organized and well-kept. Shelves and columns should have different categories, and the materials should be put under the correct category to avoid messing things up. Provide a certain area just for the math, an area for the culture, an area of the sensor and an area for the practical life. In that way, everything will fall into place no matter how energetic a kid is.

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