Tips and Pointers on Finding Affordable Manufacturers of Air Blowers

If your company need to use high powered fans to properly air out any rooms, it may be best to purchase you high powered fan from a manufacturer that offers blower fans, it is best that this manufacturer be reliable. Blower fans are available in various sizes and shapes, each model has its own advantages and capabilities.


The standard models feature that blower at the bottom, these are very similar in look to the ones you can purchase at your local store. The principal difference however is that they are designed to be able to blow air at speeds which are very high, this speeds up the rate in which water that has permeated the floor after a flood will be evaporated back into the air.

Below are a few tips and pointers on how to find a manufacturer that will offer the latest industrial air blower fans at affordable prices.

What Is An Air Blower Fan?

There is one exclusive reasons these fans are made for, and that is for drying out floors and carpets. Made out of plastic and are able to provide a large amount of air, many times they will include a handle that allows you to extend it so it can be pulled behind and placed on the rollers.


If you are providing floor repair services you will probably require more than one fan, this will allow one to be placed in each room that has water saturation. Each fan costs around one to five hundred dollars, this depends on their capabilities and size. Some models stack vertically, if a room such as a basement has to be dried out, you may have to achieve a lot of height.

Where Can They Be Found?

There are many online companies that offer these directly from the manufacturers. There are many different companies that manufacture them so making comparisons is important, also take into consideration the various features each model offers, choose the ones that will work best for your needs.

The efficiency you will be able to provide your customers when drying out their business or home, could depend a lot on how much you spend on the fans. Once you have a few options picked out, take into consideration how easy it is to move and use, how fast is it as well as how the manufacturer rates in reliability. This will help you to make a quicker determination as far as which one you will like to purchase online and have shipped straight to your business.

Which Manufacturers Offer The Best Air Blower Fans?

To name a few of the top manufacturers I would say Stanley, RIDGID and Lasko Pro. The prices of those brands range between fifty to three hundred dollars, this is especially true for the high velocity Ventamatic 400 CFM carpet dryers, this are consistently in high demand. Considered to be the best in the industry, and for those who operate in confined spaces, they offer hose ventilators. The process of drying out the rooms is greatly expedient this way, it will definitely help the process to be finished in a short amount of time.


By researching online, you can always find high quality and affordable air blower fan manufacturers. Not only will you find websites for the actual manufacturers, you will also locate various e-commerce stores which sell the product, generally stores dedicated to home improvement will be your best choice.

It is important to choose that one that will best work for the needs of your company, It will work best if it is a powerful and high speed fan. Flood damage repair companies will really benefit from these, even plumbers that will probably have to work in flooded homes will find these useful.

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