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Welcome to Life Tv. A blog that focuses on lifestyle, fashion and shopping. From a simple interest, I created this blog to share this passion with you. The blog focuses on guiding you on how to experience the same love I experienced from fashion amodel-1430295__180nd shopping.

Keeping up with the latest lifestyle and fashion should not drain all the money from your pocket.  This blog will give tips on how to save up while shopping. There are also guides on where to buy the latest fashion styles with the best qualities and price. And what is a fashion blog without fashion advices? Life Tv would give you recommendations on how to dress yourselves and some do-it-your-own projects. There are also articles about the latest news in the fashion industry. What is in and what is out, and even who wore it best.

Follow me for more news and trends in the fashion industry. If you have questions and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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